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About Us

We Are Modern

We started from scratch to build the best, most advanced veterinary software in the business. No antiquated code under the hood here. And a real, live team constantly innovating.

We Are Passionate

Quality software design is what we have we do and always done. Making amazing software is not a job for us, it is our pursuit. We love making software that makes your job easier.

We Are Always Pushing

To make our products better, for you. We love making businesses succeed by building unique tools that meet your exacting needs. And we love making a positive impact.

Groundbreaking modern software to revitalize veterinary practices.

We started over, from the ground up, designing veterinary practice management software to actually meet your needs and improve your ability to take care of your ‘patients’ while actually lowering your total costs.


Vetastic is built to fit around your business needs, not fit your business to us. On premises, hosted in the cloud, or even hybrid options. Software that allows you to work however is best for you.


Because we didn’t include artificial constraints or legacy components in our design, you are free to use any computers you want to access Vetastic, including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, iPad, Android, even Linux.


Vetastic is designed to be fast no matter how you run it or how hard you push it. No longer are you required to supply expensive, wired networks for adequate performance. Slow networks, wireless, and even over the Internet are options now!

Real Support

Because we are constantly expanding and improving Vetastic, we have real developers to support you. This isn’t software we bought from someone that walked away, this is all our technology, built and maintained in house.

Veterinary Management Software Built for the Real World

Try modern veterinarian software built to save you money and increase productivity. Built to remove limits, rather than to impose them.

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Your data matters, a lot. Too often software attempts to make data protection hard in order to sell additional data protection services at a premium. With Vetastic, your data is made easily available so that you can be sure your data remains safe.

Complete Support

Because we built Vetastic and continue to build it, we can provide complete support that often others cannot. When things go wrong, we know our software inside and out and can provide actual fixes in real time. Getting support for critical software shouldn’t require getting lucky.

End to End Management

With our partners like CCWTech we are not going to just give you software and leave the big picture up to you, we will help you with your entire clinical technology landscape. At the end of the day, you need your clinic working not left out in the cold to figure it out on your own.

Licensing Freedom

Most veterinarian software requires expensive and complex purchasing and licensing of additional products such as Microsoft Windows Server and MS Office drastically increasing the total cost. Vetastic comes with everything you need included - one vendor, one price, no complexity.

Inventory, Whiteboard, & more

All of those “special features” elsewhere are just standard here. A comprehensive management platform with everything in a single package, at a single price. And new features constantly being introduced. We aren’t stagnant, we are always pushing.

No Desktop Clients

Like most modern applications, Vetastic uses a browser based interface, regardless of it you use a hosted or on premises installation, leaving you free to rapidly work from any device, even a tablet, without installing special software and no more worries of that install breaking!


Whether you need to work from home, or your customers need to stay remote, our robust telemedicine options support both computers and mobile devices, and make flexible work easy. Built in, integrated, and just part of your base package price!


We know that Veterinary PIMS need to integrate with a wide variety of services and products. We currently how great integrations like IDEXX, Dymo, and CCW Telephony products and more underway currently!

Data Migration

Need your data moved from your former favorite clinical management system? We’ve got you covered. Ask your rep about your options for a free data migration to Vetastic! Moving to a platform shouldn’t be hard or expensive.

Server Included!

At Vetastic we don’t think that you should have to assemble your own solution, we provide the whole thing as part of the base price! You just “bring your own” desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. and we provide the software, server, and support for Vetastic!

Our Team


Scott Alan Miller


Thirty year veteran of both software engineering and IT arenas having overseen technology from starts to the Fortune 10, from Main St. to Wall St.


Jeremy K Richardson


Jeremy likes long walks on the beach, snowboarding, eating lobster rolls and dancing the Macarena. He dislikes writing bios and using his own picture.

Vetastic Pricing

Local Server

$195/ month

  • Physical Server
  • First Doctor Included
  • Complete Support
  • Unlimited Local Backups
  • 15GB Online Backups
  • All Integrations

Cloud Server

$195/ month

  • Cloud Server
  • First Doctor Included
  • Complete Support
  • Unlimited Local Backups
  • 15GB Online Backups
  • All Integrations

Additional DR

$20/ doctor

  • One Additional Doctor
  • Unlimited Non-Doctor Staff

Online Backup

$10/ 50GB/month

  • Additional capacity as needed
  • First 15GB already included
Allen Crist

Allen Crist

Jan 5, 2020

Amazing to see a new tool enter the market that really address the kinds of stuggles faced by real clinics.

Mia the Blue Heeler

Mia the Blue Heeler

Dec 26, 2019

Woof. Grrrr. Woof Woof.

Anonymous Clinic

Anonymous Clinic

Feb 18, 2020

Vetastic is a game changer. Lower cost, great support, better clinical efficiency, and less downtime.

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Email or call, we would love to talk with you about your clinic, hospital, or boarding facility and how Vetastic can transform your operations and lower your expenses. We can quickly provide you access to our live demo system so that you can see our latest updates in real time for yourself.

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