Why a Lighter System Matters


In our approach to designing Vetastic, one of our concerns was that many products on the market today require significant resources in order to function well, even for a relatively small facility. We wanted to make sure that with Vetastic that we eliminated as many ancilary and unnecessary costs as possible. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not only not in our interest to make our product unnecessarily expensive and complex to deploy and maintain, but it actually is a giant value for our customers to reduce all of their other costs. A great model where veterinary clinics and Vetastic both win: we are all on the same team.

To that end, Vetastic can be used by nearly any kind of device imaginable and we are always interested in helping you find new ways to use it. We are tested and support Chrome and Firefox browsers across Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, ChromeOS, Linux Mint, Solus, ElementaryOS, Raspbian, Zorin, Deepin, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad!) Talk about options!

By providing such a broad array of hardware and software options we are able to use less expensive hardware, for longer, without the need for software licenses that add to your total cost. We save you money everywhere! More flexibility, more power, lower total cost. Everyone wins!